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What Consumers Are Saying About QSpex Concierge Service…

  • Fantastic service – an amazing experience with a highly professional team! I am a faithful customer!

    Theia S. 10/26/15

  • Great service, optician was very professional.

    Crystal F. 10/28/15

  • Excellent service…would definitely recommend them.

    Michelle K. 10/27/15

  • Great service and great eyewear!

    Claire A. 10/22/15

  • This service was great. I met Antwan at Publix where I was attending a cooking class, it couldn’t have been easier. I rate QSpex a #5 Excellent.

    John H. 10/21/15

  • The concierge service is excellent. I appreciate the quick response and professionalism. I will refer my friends and colleagues.

    Sonia B. 10/16/15

  • Carvin was very professional and answered all questions well.

    Alama H. 10/21/15

  • Love the experience! Antwan was great!

    Jon D. 10/19/15

  • Really nice and professional, love my glasses

    Khadiga M. 11/25/15

  • The presentation of the glasses is spectacular. Mr. Garcia is very friendly and professional.

    Genesis T. 08/24/15

  • Great service! Well explained!

    Guillermo M. 09/02/15

  • Thank you. Great service! Your employee, Orlando Garcia, is very friendly.

    Claribel L. 08/05/15

  • I love this service! Very professional.

    Maria I. 07/28/15

  • I love the option of receiving my glasses in the comfort of my home. Orlando is very professional and caring. I strongly recommend this service.

    Adanyl S. 06/19/15

  • A spectacular service! On time and very professional.

    Kiara Z. 06/16/15

  • Great service! The optician who delivered my glasses was very friendly.

    Roberto P. 05/12/15

  • We love this service! Very nice and professional. Thank you.

    Roberto J. 05/13/15

  • I truly enjoyed the experience. Loved the idea of getting my glasses delivered to me, any place and fast.

    Ingrid R. 02/20/15

  • Excellent! I loved the experience and would recommend strongly.

    Egdalis M. 01/04/15

  • Excellent! A wonderful service!

    Christian G. 02/23/15

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