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Any Time. Any Place.
The QSpex Way.

QSpex is the only eyewear company that can deliver finished eyewear same day.

Why Offer QSpex to Your Patients?

  • Personalized

    Personalized Service. Continuous Support.

    QSpex has established community-based Optical Service Centers to provide the fastest, most personalized customer support.

  • FastDelivery

    Any Time. Any Place.

    QSpex is the only lens provider that can deliver finished premium prescription eyewear within hours- not days or weeks. We’ll deliver directly to your patient, any time, any place!

  • HighQuality

    Quality. Without Compromise.

    QSpex allows your patients to experience unmatched same day service and superior quality products, without compromise.

  • NationalNetwork

    National Network. Locally Placed.

    QSpex is establishing Optical Service Centers in local communities around the globe. All QSpex eyewear is made locally, for locals.

  • Support

    Fast. Courteous.

    QSpex’s unique technology allows for the fastest eyewear fulfillment in the industry. Our on-demand, same day, service-driven approach provides courtesy and convenience for your patient.

Our Optical Service Center Locations

QSpex operates community-based Optical Service Centers (OSCs) that offer unmatched personalized support to ECPs and their patients. Having a local presence, in addition to our Rapid Lens Technology, allows us to provide superior service through unique delivery services that take speed and convenience to a whole new level.

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