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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase QSpex lenses?

    QSpex lenses are available for purchase through a network of Authorized Retailers. Find a QSpex Authroized Retailer near you!

  • How is QSpex so fast?

    Unlike any other lens manufacturer, QSpex is able to produce and deliver custom, premium prescription lenses in just hours!  As for producing the lenses, QSpex is the first and only lens manufacturer to reverse engineer the lens manufacturing process through the introduction of our proprietary Touchless Transfer technology.  This innovative advancement in lens technology allows us to manufacture premium prescription lenses in a fraction of the time it takes traditional labratories. 

    In addition, QSpex lenses are manufactured in Optical Service Centers located in the communities we service, eliminating time traditionally spent on shipping eyewear to and from the lens manufacturer labratories.

    Lastly, QSpex is dedicated to superior customer service. In today's world, consumers expect on-demand service in other goods categories, and we believe that should be true for your eyewear too!  Our goal is to set a new consumer standard for eyewear service and delivery in the optical market.

  • How do QSpex lenses compare to other lenses?

    QSpex lenses are superior in many ways when compared to leading competitor lenses. We know this because QSpex lenses have been tested by a third-party lab and evaluated in comparison to leading competitors' lenses.  Data collected from these tests prove that QSpex lenses provide superior performance and unmatched quality. Learn more about QSpex lenses.

  • How do I know which QSpex lenses are right for me?

    With a variety of lens and treatment options, there is a QSpex lens for everyone! Take our quick quiz to see what lens is right for your lifestyle.

  • How does White Coat delivery service work?

    When providing White Coat delivery service, a QSpex licensed optician will deliver the finished eyewear to you at your location of choice, and professionally dispense the eyewear, providing any necessary adjustments and answering associated questions. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. First, A QSpex Customer Service Representative will contact you at the phone number you provided to your eyecare provider in order to schedule the time and place for the eyewear delivery. White Coat deliveries can be made Monday-Friday, between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.
    2. Once the appointment has been scheduled, the QSpex Customer Service Representative will send you a service confirmation email or text, along with the name and picture of the optician that is scheduled to dispense your eyewear.
    3. Once the QSpex optician is in route to your delivery location, they will call you to give the estimated arrival time. The QSpex optician will be uniformed and equipped with all the necessary dispensing tools to facilitate a quick and satisfying experience.
  • Can I order QSpex lenses through my eyecare provider?

    QSpex products and services are available through a network of eyecare providers in select communities. Ask your eyecare provider if they are a QSpex Authorized Retailer or find a QSpex Authorized Retailer near you!

  • How much do QSpex lenses cost?

    The retail price for QSpex lenses varies from retailer to retailer.  It is the discretion of the QSpex Authorized Retailer to assign the retail price to QSpex lenses.  Ask your eyecare provider for more information.

  • How far will QSpex travel to deliver my glasses?

    Generally, we will travel up to 10 miles from your Authorized Retailer's location to deliver and dispense your glasses. Ask your eyecare provider if your delivery address is within our White Coat service travel parameters. 

  • When does QSpex schedule White Coat deliveries?

    A QSpex Cusotmer Service Representative will contact you to schedule your White Coat delivery and dispensing service appointment.  White Coat deliveries take place on Monday-Friday between 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Where Can I Purchase Same-Day Glasses?

Find a QSpex authorized eyewear retailer near you.