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  • QSpex Launches blu-bloQ™ Technology In Atlanta

QSpex Launches blu-bloQ™ Technology In Atlanta

Kelsey Berry
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QSpex Expands Same Day Personalized Prescription Eyewear Delivery In Atlanta

Industry-leading QSpex blu-bloQ™ technology now available in Atlanta; Provides eye protection from exposure by computer screens, mobile devices and electronic devices 

ATLANTA – October 19, 2015 – Alpharetta-based QSpex, the innovator of personalized prescription eyewear delivered same-day, is pleased to announce the expansion of service to the heart of Atlanta. Eyecare providers in the greater Atlanta area now have the opportunity to offer patients QSpex’s premium product lineup and unique, same-day QSpex Concierge and fast-traQ™ delivery services. 

The company also announced the introduction of QSpex blu-bloQ™ lens technology to the Atlanta market. QSpex blu-bloQ™ is a proprietary monomer formulation that almost completely removes the high energy visible (HEV) portion of the light spectrum, significantly reducing exposure of the eye to this potentially damaging light source. This exposure is commonly found in computer screens, mobile devices and flat screen television screens and is believed to contribute to early onset macular degeneration and the disruption of sleep patterns. 

Compared to traditional manufacturing methods that involve wait times of up to two weeks to accommodate lens grinding and coating at remote labs, QSpex has developed a proprietary process that manufactures and finishes lenses locally to allow for personalized, same-day delivery to the consumer’s eyecare provider or location of choice. 

A launch party was held Thursday, October 15th to celebrate the expansion of QSpex service in Atlanta and the product launch of blu-bloQ™ HEV Light Absorptive lenses. “Very nice and metropolitan! QSpex staff was very nice and accommodating,” said Stan Yocco, LeStanne Opticians. “We’re excited about the new blu-bloQ™ technology and look forward to passing this product along to our patients!” 

“We are pleased to expand our service to the heard of Atlanta,” said Brett Craig, President and CEO of QSpex Technologies. “With operational centers in New York, Atlanta and Puerto Rico, QSpex is expanding rapidly across the U.S., with plans for 12 additional optical service centers in the next year. We’re proud to call Atlanta our home, and know that this city has always been on the cutting edge of new technologies, trends and delivery models. We look forward to future growth in Atlanta as we continue to expand our service and increase our product offerings in the months ahead.” 

QSpex is also conducting a consumer advertising campaign throughout Atlanta that will include a presence on billboards, online banner ads and an extensive marketing and public relations program. Authorized QSpex retailers in the Atlanta region can be found on the company’s Atlanta microsite ( 

The QSpex Experience

To order QSpex eyewear, consumers can now visit eyecare providers in Atlanta with their existing optical prescription or for an updated examination. The eyecare provider then sends the consumer’s frames to the QSpex Optical Service Center, where lenses fitting the desired prescription, coating and tinting are cut and finished using QSpex proprietary equipment. The finished eyewear is then dispatched directly to the consumer’s location of choice via a QSpex Smart Car where a licensed optician performs final measurements and makes any necessary adjustments. The entire process is completed in a matter of hours, compared to wait times of up to two weeks with older processes that required lenses to be ground in out-of-state labs and coatings that take days for proper application. 

About QSpex

QSpex’s mission is to offer consumers premium prescription eyewear with same-day, delivery and dispensing at locations of choice; while giving eye care providers the unique capability to increase patient satisfaction through the quality of the lens and lens treatments, and providing delivery on the same day the eye exam is performed. QSpex was founded in 2007 based on proprietary technology created by Dr. Kai Su, Founder and Chief Science Officer. Dr. Su, an industry technology veteran, served as the Executive Vice President and Head of Research for CIBA Vision’s Advanced Technology Division and has invented over 100 vision care patents. Brett Craig, the President and CEO since 2013, has over 15 years of experience in the eye care industry, including his previous role as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Transitions Optical. He is responsible for redirecting the strategy and operations of the Company. For more information about QSpex, please visit us online at