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  • QSpex Named a TAG Top 10 Innovative Tech

QSpex Named a TAG Top 10 Innovative Tech

Kelsey Berry
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QSpex Named a TAG Top 10 Innovative Tech

Technology Association of Georgia
Tony Cooper
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ATLANTA (March 11, 2015) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the state’s leading association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of Georgia’s technology industry, today announced QSpex as one of its Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia. TAG will recognize this prestigious group at the 2015 Georgia Technology Summit (GTS)on March 25, 2015, at the Cobb Galleria Centre. 

The “Top 10” most innovative technology companies are chosen from among TAG’s "Top 40" 2015 list and were chosen based on a number of criteria, including: degree of innovation; scopeand financial impact of innovation; likelihood of success; and promotion of Georgia's innovative efforts nationally and internationally. 

"The Top 10 awards are given to an elite group of companies whose products and solutions are not only changing their respective industries, they are also putting Georgia on the map as a state where technology innovation can thrive," said Tino Mantella, President & CEO of TAG. "We applaud each of these companies for standing out as leaders in Georgia's technology community and look forward to showcasing them at our annual Georgia Technology Summit." 

"The competition for Top 10 recognition was particularly fierce this year," said Dennis Zakas, a partner and founder of Zakas & Leonard, LLP, Chair of Group Office Buys, LLC, and chairperson of the Top 40 Selection Committee. "The Top 10 demonstrates the depth and breadth of Georgia's technology community. We are pleased to recognize this group of companies and believe that the community will be just as impressed as we are by their innovation and impact on Georgia's technology industry." 

“The company is honored to receive this award and be recognized as of one of Georgia’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies and we look forward to sharing our innovation and technology with the audience at the Georgia Technology Summit” expressed Brett Craig, President and CEO of QSpex. 

The QSpex business model allows for fast-traQ™, same-day personalized delivery of a premium finished eyewear product, by operating local QSpex Optical Service Centers™ in the same community as, and in close proximity to, eye-care providers. Unlike traditional eyewear production techniques, QSpex lenses are manufactured and finished just miles from the eyecare provider’s practice. This model allows QSpex to build a number of financially and practically efficient Optical Service Centers in markets around the world.

QSpex is transforming the traditional lens manufacturing industry by introducing a personalized, service-based option in which consumers don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. “QSpex offers consumers something they have never experienced before – customized prescription eyewear, delivered same-day via QSpex Concierge™, a personalized delivery and dispensing service direct to the consumers’ location of choice” said Brett Craig, President and CEO. The high-speed, proprietary QSpex manufacturing process permits patient fulfillment in hours, while providing superior prescription eyewear, through a groundbreaking lens transfer system. Dr. Kai Su, QSpex's Founder and Chief Science Officer explained, “the QSpex system integrates four technological backbones to deliver a lens with little to no design variance. The first is no-polish mold making, the second is mold design confirmation, the third is precision injection compression molding, and the fourth is pure design transfer.” QSpex also specializes in a revolutionary back-end delivery service that offers fast-traQ™ same-day fulfillment to eye-care providers via a QSpex branded logistics fleet. 

QSpex’s proprietary technology was created and directed by Dr. Kai Su, the company’s cofounder. Dr. Su served as the Executive Vice President and Head of Research for CIBA Vision’s Advanced Technology Division. He has invented over 100 vision care patents. Brett Craig joined QSpex in November 2013 as a Board of Director, and then assumed the President and CEO role in December 2013, and redirected the strategy of the Company. Brett was President and Chief Operating Officer of Transitions Optical, the world leader in photochromic lenses. 

In addition to the TAG Georgia’s Top 10 Most Innovation Companies award, QSpex was recently awarded by The Atlanta Journal Constitution as one of the Top 150 Best Places to Work in Atlanta in 2015. 

For more information about QSpex, please contact Kelsey Berry at 770-442-5314 or [email protected] or visit us online at 

About The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) 

TAG is the leading technology industry association in the state, serving more than 26,000 members through regional chapters in Metro Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon/Middle Georgia and Savannah. 

TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, and unite Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances a tech-based economy. The association provides networking and educational programs; celebrates Georgia’s technology leaders and companies; and advocates for legislative action that enhances the state’s economic climate for technology. 

TAG hosts over 200 events each year and serves as an umbrella organization for 34 professional societies. Additionally, the TAG Education Collaborative (TAG’s charitable arm) focuses on helping science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives thrive. 

For more information visit the TAG website at 

To learn about the TAG-Ed Collaborative visit 

About QSpex

QSpex’s mission is to offer consumers premium prescription eyewear with same-day, delivery and dispensing at locations of choice; while giving eye care providers the unique capability to increase patient satisfaction through the quality of the lens and lens treatments, and providing delivery on the same day the eye exam is performed. QSpex was founded in 2007 based on proprietary technology created by Dr. Kai Su, Founder and Chief Science Officer. Dr. Su, an industry technology veteran, served as the Executive Vice President and Head of Research for CIBA Vision’s Advanced Technology Division and has invented over 100 vision care patents. Brett Craig, the President and CEO since 2013, has over 15 years of experience in the eye care industry, including his previous role as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Transitions Optical. He is responsible for redirecting the strategy and operations of the Company. For more information about QSpex, please visit us online at